| Windsor Chairs |

Our chairs are made like the Windsors of 200 years ago, using the same materials and most of the same tools. The lathe has a motor instead of foot power and we use a band-saw occasionally, but it’s 98% handwork: just a lot of careful shaving, carving, turning, steam bending, fitting, and finishing.
Seats are made from two inch pine planks, carved deep for real comfort. Other parts are split from green wood following the grain, then shaved or turned. We use maple or cherry for turnings, ash or oak for the back. Legs and stretchers are selectively dried so that dry tenons go into green holes and everything shrinks together. Legs and posts are fitted into tapered sockets in the seat, then wedged. Glue provides additional insurance.
    The old chairs were painted and we prefer them that way, as it unifies the design. We use milk paint, rubbed down and oiled. Popular colors are dark Windsor green, brick red, federal blue, and black on red, though many other colors and combinations are available. We also make ‘natural’ chairs with butternut seats, cherry or oak turnings, and oak backs, quite a striking combination.
    Each chair comes with a lifetime guarantee: to outlast either the chair-maker, or the original owner.